Kegel Exercises: How to Get Started

Many women are concerned about the weakening of the vagina after a succession of child births or because of ageing. This may bring about poor muscle control leading to less sexual satisfaction, less friction during sex because of the loosening of the vagina, and the tendency to let urine out before it’s supposed to. That’s why kegel exercises are encouraged. Here are tips when learning how to do kegel exercises:

Locate Your PC Muscles

Kegel exercises are done by squeezing your muscles in from time to time. But if you squeeze the wrong muscles, the exercise won’t take effect. So it is important to find your PC muscles first. Try squeezing in while urinating until your urine flow stops. That’s controlling your PC muscles. Clenching your butt in does not count.

Squeeze In Your Pc Muscles Once And Find Out How Long You Can Hold It

Let it out and squeeze in again. Keep doing it until your muscles are tired. This is the best way to do muscle build up and to strengthen your muscles more, preparing them for more exercises.

Now Increase The Frequency Of The Exercises

Try to do it at as many as you can each time, with about three to four repetitions daily. An ideal time is to hold your muscles in four about ten seconds. But if you can hold it longer, that would be better. The key is in experimenting. Once you are very much comfortable with the exercise try doing rapid squeezing and releasing. But do not overdo so you won’t reach a point where you will experience pain or discomfort.

Another tip on how to do kegel exercises is by incorporating it with masturbation or sexual intercourse. While getting warmed up and sexually excited while masturbating, squeeze your PC muscles for as long as you can. Once the stimulation seems to simmer down, continue and keep doing the exercises all through out the masturbatory process. During the orgasm you may also do the exercise. It is one way of prolonging orgasm. During sex, squeeze your PC muscles in, while your partner’s member is inside you. Not only will you enjoy it, but also your partner. Use his erect penis as your kegel exerciser. Do the same during orgasm. It will also be prolonged for the both of you. If you practice this regularly you will feel more differently about having an orgasm.

If it seems impossible to do the exercises on your own then follow tip on how to do kegel exercises: use products for resistance. Sex toys are very useful when it comes to doing kegel exercises as they can be used as the exercise apparatus. You may use the dildo and insert it in your vagina and squeeze it with your muscles repeatedly. There are also specific materials made for kegel exercises such as the Ben Wa balls. These balls are inserted in the vagina and when squeezed, they may rotate around providing some sort of sexual sensation. When purchasing products make sure they are not too large, so as not too contradict the purpose of the exercise which is to strengthen the pelvic floor and make the opening a bit tighter.

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