Clitoris: Finding the Magic

The clitoris is a very powerful sexual organ in a woman’s body. It is homologous to the penis of a man because, believe it or not, it also has a shaft and a head no matter how small it is. And the best part about it is that it is very sensitive, having 8,000 nerve endings. That’s twice as much nerves compared to that of a man’s penis. Women often ask why they don’t get an orgasm. One of the best ways to get one is through initial clitoral stimulation before sex or through clitoral masturbation. But how do you locate your clitoris? Well, it’s actually easy because since the clitoris is the most sensitive among the erogenous zone in woman’s body, any form of sexual excitement will cause it to erect and be easy to locate. But there are three main ways to find that very powerful organ.

How To Find The Clitoris With Your Own Eyes

Many sexual therapists suggest that a woman should explore her own body and really get to know it so she will also find out how she can and wants to be pleased. So the first thing you do is to get a mirror. If you like, you may shave or get a wax beforehand for better visibility. Let the mirror face you vagina while your legs are spread wide open. Now the clitoris is located between the clitoral hood and the urethral orifice. You need not worry too much about the anatomical terms. Just find the very top part of your vagina and notice that there is like a small skin covering formed like a hood, underneath that is the clitoris. It is formed like a peanut and it usually protrudes.

How To Find The Clitoris With Your Hands

It is actually easier to find the clitoris with your hands with or without the mirror. First you find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, and your spread your legs just a bit. Now place your hand on your vagina and use you index and ring finger to spread your labia (vaginal lips) apart making an opening. Now let your middle finger explore and find a tiny piece of sensitive skin that is protruding. That’s the clitoris. And don’t be surprised that if you feel it up, you may get sexually excited. That’s even a better sign that you really found it.

How To Find The Clitoris When Having Intercourse

Another great way of locating your clitoris is letting your partner find it, or better yet show it for you. During foreplay, whether you are torridly kissing or your body parts like breasts are being touched, you will feel a strong and tingling sensation in your vagina. That’s the clitoris signalling that it’s already partially stimulated. Now let your partner touch you down there or perform oral sex. Whenever it feels really good, that’s when you know your clitoris has been located. The stronger the stroke of the tongue or the finger, or even the head of an erect penis, the clitoris will get engorged and the sensation will increase too. This may lead to orgasm, or better yet, orgasm and ejaculation.

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